naked page is a brand new web design company that popped up in Los Osos, CA.
Already, though, you can check out three sites to see what
naked page has done for small business on the Central Coast.
Chris Black's Neo-Life distributorship, hosted at both and at the owner's personal site at AOL.
Really Right Stuff, a mail order company specializing in high-tech photo tripod mounts, chose to purchase their own domain name. Catalog requests via their new web site have come in from all over the nation and from 17 foreign countries.
TeamTailwinds, the premier Central Coast bicycle racing team, wanted to promote the club and give team members an easy way to stay current.

Each web site is tailored to meet the needs of the customer. Some companies target local markets, others target national or world markets. Some companies are on the web to sell, others to simply inform.
Each potential
naked page client completes an initial project profile to help define the new site: business objectives, branding strategy, audience, deadlines, etc.
try going naked; everyone else is doing it. Works in progress include:
Bicycles Unlimited
Bicycles Unlimited bike
shop in Lompoc, CA

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